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More strange happenings regarding the Vegas shootings

Roadkill Will



                This one just gets stranger and stranger.  The one thing I am sure abuot at this point is that we, the public, are not being told the true story.  Every day there seems to be a new development in the Las Vegas massacre case, almost all of which do not support, but actually go against the narrative the media is feeding us. 

                Just in the past few days, the time line “shifted” again, the security guard that could actually verify the timeline disappeared, and one of the survivors who gave a very detailed description of her experience that night (which include multiple shooters) has mysteriously died.  Read about ithere, it's true.

                The security guard, Jesus Campos, supposedly checked into a “quick clinic.”  That is a new term to me, but I assume it is like an urgent care facility.  This was days ago, and still no word on his whereabouts.  Campos had been preparing for the interviews for days.  Maybe he decided he did not want to give the prepared answers because they are not true.  Who knows?  Maybe the pressure was just too much for Campos, or maybe he had other reasons for disappearing.  It could all be a coincidence.  Read about it in this LA Times article.
                Even if Campos had reasons for disappearing, that does not explain the mysterious death of Kymberley Suchomel.  Yes, it is true that Kymberley had some medical issues that could have been the cause of her death, but that sure is a crazy coincidence, don’t you think?

                How many of these coincidences does it take to make people realize that maybe the fabrication is in the story that the main stream media is feeding the general public?

When things do not add up - why we should question the Vegas narrative.

Roadkill Will

               Let me very clear right of the bat.  I have no doubt that the Las Vegas Massacre happened on October 1, 2017.  Innocent people lost their lives when they were gunned down during the last act of a country music festival in Las Vegas.  I am not one of those people who think that everything that the Government and media tells us is a lie.  I don’t think the mass shootings in the past years were faked, and frankly, I think it is disrespectful to the families that lost loved ones to suggest so.  My heart goes out to the families and victims of that horrible event. 

                At the same time, I don’t think we are given the whole truth in many instances.  All the Government has to do is say that it is a matter of National security and people and the media fall in line. 

                The story that we have been told about what happened that night in Vegas, makes very little sense.  What really bothers me is that there is no motive.  Of course the person that committed this horrible crime is dead.  They tell us there were no other shooters, there was not motive, and the only person that could answer those questions is dead.  Seems a little too convenient too me.

                Am I saying the one named as the killer didn’t do it?  No, not at all.  I am just saying we need to look at other realities than the one that makes no sense.  The one that says that a retired millionaire, decided to load up on guns for many years and it all culminated with this one guy unloading on a concert, all for no reason at all.  I feel like there is a much bigger picture here.  Weather this guy was a Patsy, or participated, I feel like there are more people involved.

                Everywhere you go on the strip, you are on camera.  If you are not in your hotel room, or in a restroom, you are being watched and taped.  So where are the security tapes from the hallway leading up to the killer’s room?  Mandalay bay is claiming they don’t have any, and I am calling bullshit.  What are they hiding from us that is on those tapes?  Could it be that the tapes show something other than the official narrative?  Possibly some other shooters escaping or something like that?

                There are people that were at the Bellagio that swear there was an active shooter there shortly after 11:00pm.  Rene Downs is one of these people.  She claims that when the shots ripped through the lobby sending glass and debris everywhere, she and her Marine husband hit the deck.  She explains this on a couple of videos from inside the Bellagio.  The first she claims is shortly after the gunshots and is of a bunch of people in the hallways of Bellagio.  You can see that video here.  People are sitting on the ground, or on their phone, or just kind of standing around.  I don’t recall the last time I saw a bunch of people sitting around a lobby and the hallways of a hotel casino resort, can you?  Then Rene approaches a security guard just before the casino who says they cannot go into the casino.  When was the last time you were told that you could not go into a casino in Vegas?  Keep in mind that this all started around 11:00pm, 45 minutes after the “lone gunman” killed himself.  According to Google maps, it takes between 30 to 45 minutes to walk from the Mandalay Bay, to the Bellagio.  Do you follow what I am saying so far? 

                At the end of the video, Rene asks an employee of Mandalay Bay if what the news is reporting is incorrect (they were only reporting shots at Mandalay, and the employee says, “Yes.” 

                It could be that the employee did not understand what was being asked, but it could also be that the news was reporting incorrectly.

               The second video reiterates the same story, but this time walking through the casino area where Rene shows where she and her husband were sitting.  There are many caution signs around the floor of the casino and not many people playing.  It is almost deserted.  I don’t know that last time I have seen that in Vegas either.  There is a third video with Rene Downs where she goes into a lot more detail.  The story seems solid and doesn’t seem to change.  You can access that interview here.

               On Rene Downs’ Facebook page, others have posted corroborating her story.  There is another video on her page that shows total panic at Caesars palace.  It shows people running for their lives.  Although it does not show proof of any gunfire, why would these people be in such a panic?  There is a similar video from Aria.  That sound you hear may or may not be gunfire, but something is sending the people running.

               There were many locations with shots fired calls that night.  To listen to the police scanner’s from this night, you can go to NPR’s page here.  What I am proposing to you is that there is nothing wrong with questioning what we are told.  I really don’t want to come off like some whack job conspiracy theorist, but why not question things, especially things that don’t add up.  Check out the story and question things.  Decide for yourself what you

               Wouldn’t it make more sense that all those guns were for sale, whatever side of the transaction the named shooter was on.  He worked for the US Postal Service and the IRS at different times.  Was he perhaps working with the CIA or FBI on gun deals to terrorist groups in some sort of a sting operation?  Is it possible that he was working alone, selling guns illegally?  Wouldn’t it make sense that there was more than one gunman at a set up gun deal that was compromised?  Why would the Government and hotels cover it up if there was multiple locations attacked?  The answer is simple, the Government does not want us to know that they can’t protect us, and the hotels don’t want bad press.  Any of these stories make more sense than the official story.  In my opinion, the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the theories and official stories.  There are at least motives for these scenarios.

               I do not have the answers, nor do I claim to, but I think it is good to question things when they don’t add up.  When we just blindly accept everything that is fed to us, especially when it does not make sense and the story keeps changing, we are headed in a dangerous, 1984 like scenario.

                Ask yourself, is it really that much of a stretch to think that the Government would be lying to us and covering it up?  Anybody remember the Iran-Contra scandal?