The Sid and Roadkill Show
The Sid and Roadkill Show is hosted by Sidney Vicious and Roadkill Will.  They talk about all the goofy shit that goes on in their lives, which mostly consists of roller derby and roller derby parties, cars breaking down, buses catching on fire, trips to Vegas and Reno, drinking fun and stories, drinking games.  They specialize in trouble making, hell raising, and making fun of people, including themselves and each other.  Really anything can be the topic on this show as long as it makes people laugh either with them or at them.  They are usually tossing a few back when they are recording, which makes people say and do some funny shit.  Sometimes it also makes Roadkill accidentally delete the whole show when they are done.

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Sintral Valley Derby Girls 2019 Schedule

March 2nd final scores:

Antique Roll Show196 vs. Peewee Hurtems 179

Sintral Valley 144 vs. Central Coast 160

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