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The Sid and Roadkill Show
The Sid and Roadkill Show is hosted by Sidney Vicious and Roadkill Will.  Both fans of horror movies, especially cheesy old ones, they review and discuss recent viewings with their own style and twist.  Since the main topic is cheesy horror movies, this made them think, and a cheese element was added to the show.   While the roller derby part of the show is at a bit of a stand still, (thanks Rona!)  cheese, horror, sarcasm, and fun are plentiful in this new version of the the Sid and Roadkill Show!

Home of the Sid and Roadkill Show and the Sintral Valley Derby Girls.

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Games and Challenge Bouts from Rollercon 2019

                                               Rollercon 2019!! 

Roadkill was there from Friday, July 19th to Sunday July 21st broadcasting live audio from the games with SINslave and Mr. Universe.  If the above player says we are on the air, you could listen live!